Sam (jevim) wrote,

Happy New Year, 1999

Okay, so I've been terrible about updating while Lis has been visiting. Well... there'll just be a little over two more weeks of it until I start updating a bit more regularly. At least that's my plan...

A quick run-down of the past several days:

  • December 25
    Christmas Day with Lis was very Very VERY VERY nice. Did I mention it was nice? It was definitely much better than the last two years, when we only talked online on Christmas Day. Oh, and I got some neat stuff, too! :^) A 'computer voodoo' doll, a Dilbert daily calendar for 1999 (I need to get that out today, hmmm?), a Dilbert M&M's dispensor, and the required clothing. Lis got some neat stuff too, including the cholocate oranges mentioned on December 24th.
  • December 28
    Lis and I left this little town I grew up in so that we could find a little civilization. Destitination: Charleston, WV. Definitely not a big city by any standard... barely a city by some standards. :-) Charleston is home to a United Artists theatre, so we were able to use two complimentary passes given to me as a Christmas gift by some of Lis's friends in Minnesota. We saw 'Jack Frost.' I think it was a good movie, and definitely worth our time to go see it. We also stopped at the Charleston Town Center, and made a trip down to the Southridge area of Charleston.

    Southridge could remind us of a real city. Lots of fancy-ish stores in under a half-mile stretch. Lis insisted on a trip to Michael's, and we also stopped at Office Max, Staples, Wal-Mart, and Applebee's for dinner. We felt like we were back in civilization there for a bit, but all too soon we had to head home. Of course, my mom was waiting up for us; she thought we had gone to Beckley, which is about half an hour closer than Charleston and has significantly less to do. And since she thought we went to Beckley, she didn't know why we were gone so late; we returned home around 11pm. I could've sworn that I told her we were going to Charleston.

  • December 31
    New Year's Eve with Lis. Another little milestone for us, I think. We even managed to stay up & watch the ball drop on ABC's New Year's Rockin' Eve broadcast. How old is Dick Clark anyway? 3,000 years or something like it? Anyway, I think they've perfected cryogenics and that they freeze Dick Clark for all but 3 days out of each year.

    The snow also really hit on New Year's Eve. There's actually a good deal down on the ground now (4 or 5 inches). Of course, this means Lis and I are stuck inside. Not that I mind being stuck with her; but it is nice to be able to go running around together. We'll survive, but we'll just have a bad case of cabin fever.

  • And now we have today, The weather people were wrong; its still snowing. Lis and I had hoped to run out for a bit today, as she has a finished cross-stitch she'd like to send to a friend in Colorado, but we sorta need a box to put it in and then take it to the post office to mail it. Now that I think of it, the box could probably be taken care of here at home, as my parents save every single box they ever encounter... I think we'd best give them a few dimesntions so they don't bring out too many boxes for us to try.

    I think Lis and I have a lazy little day in front of us. We haven't really talked about plans for the day yet, but she's working on her journal as well at the moment. I guess we'll sit down and figure out what we're doing after this. Maybe you'll hear from me again today.... nah, don't count on it.


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