Sam (jevim) wrote,

Invisible Houses

It's about time for back-to-back entries again. I've been a bit lax in keeping this up to date, leading to confusing entries like yesterday's. *shrug* I guess I just need to write a bit more often, no?

Today was spent downstairs, away from my room. My mom was gone for a lot of the day. Since I was expecting a letter to be delivered, I had to be down there so I could answer the door when it was delivered.

Talk about a waste of a day, though... it never did get here. Around 6 pm, the Airbourne Express dispatcher called to say that they couldn't find our house, and to ask if we could give them directions so they could deliver it tomorrow. Airbourne Express sucks, and I think I need to tell Company Three about it.

Heck, I have a virtual pulpit... FedEx and UPS don't have a problem finding my house. Why should Airbourne have a problem with it? *Shrug*

Company One also got ahold of me today. They let me know that they received my e-mail message and wanted to know if I would share the details of my better offer... which I did, and they said they'd get in touch with me in a few days to let me know if they'll issue a counter-offfer. Being in demand is nice...

Since Lis and I had to be downstairs for most of the day, we played a lot of Scrabble. I think I had my first 'bingo' ever while playing her: parable. And it was the first word of a game (which made it easier). And that was the only game I won today... I played two with just Lis, and three more with Lis and my mom.

I am obviously not intended to be good at Scrabble; I just don't have the vocabulary required. Or maybe I need to spend more time solving crossword puzzles, as both Lis and my mom do that quite often... hmmm....

I think I'm going to go do a crossword while I wait for Airbourne Express to find my invisible house tomorrow....

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