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Was it being pissed? Was is the music? Was something odd in the air at work?

After posting my morning rant, I had a very productive coding day. I had spent the previous 3 days working on data collection, management, and ifrastructure, and today, in 1 day, I finished all of the UI and display processing routines. Which I had figured would be as much if not more than the previous work.

Everything worked on the first try (mostly), as opposed to the older stuff that took multiple tries. The only real problems were (1) I forgot that we address our screen from the top left corner instead of the bottom left, so my graph drew upside down and (2) after I took my far-too-long search, scale, and display function and split it into search, scale, and display functions (amazing, huh?), I fucked up an equation and made everything display as zero. Whoops.

So work worked out. Heh.

That left the evening. My plans, as I left work, were to go out to dinner & catch a movie. Dinner happened, movie didn't. Dinner wasn't setting well for Lis so we cancelled the movie. So we came home. And we fell into the standard routine.

Lis playing EQ. Me playing with compuers. What a suprise, eh?

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