Sam (jevim) wrote,

Back to the Grindstone

This has not been an easy day. I had to send Lis on an airplane and move back into the dorm. Not a fun way to spend one's day...

At least there were a few upsides to it. Lis and I took my flight credit voucher, which I got when my return flight from my interview with Company One was overbooked, and exchanged it for a set of tickets to get me to her for Spring Break in March. I think it's the first time that we left each other where we ABSOLUTELY knew when we'd see each other next.

I think knowing, for sure, is making this a lot easier to deal with. I'm not terribly upset about Lis being gone, but then I'm not happy about it either. *sigh* I guess it's better than being curled up in bed and crying my eyes out over missing Lis.

Not that the trip to the airport was easy. Heck, I almost forgot my tickets for Spring Break there. I left them on the bench where Lis and I had been waiting for her flight, which was delayed by over an hour. As soon as Lis boarded the plane, my dad and I left. About two minutes later, I noticed the envelope containing my tickets was missing. A quick u-turn and a run back into the terminal and I found my tickets. I also had to look at the plane that was going to take Lis away again.

My stomach sorta complained when I turned away from the window looking down as the plane. I so wanted to be able to run out there, pry Lis off the plane, and hide her here in my dorm room. I think I could pull it off, but it'd be a bit hectic, no?

Anyway... my dad and I pulled into school around 5pm. Only took about 30 minutes to get everything unloaded, as we lucked out and found a very good parking place! The early arrival and quick unload also let my dad get back on the road pretty quick, as he had a two and a half hour trip left to get back home.

My room is rather well organized, for the time being. I have my desk in a slightly new position, which means my keyboard finally is resting on the desk! Everything else is pretty easy to get to, but I'm sure it'll get a little tweaking in the next few days.

My career path will be getting a little tweaking too... I think I'm sure which offer I'm going to take: Co-Op Company, Office Two. I really think I'll like the environment, the work, and the compensation. :^) It's not the big city that I'd always dreamed about working in, but it's not the little town in West Virginia that I remember growing up in, either. After I let them know, I'll probably post a little more info on them, and more info on the people I turned down.

Maybe I just don't like the Fortune 1000... :^)

I hope I'm making the right decision for Lis and I. We talked about it quite a bit over the break, and I think she is okay with my decision. It's not the great big city that she grew up in, but it's not the little city she's currently living in, either.

Why does it always feel like I'm about to make a wrong move?

Anyway, my first class is tomorrow at 10am... 11 hours away. And I still don't have any notebooks or anything. :^) Thank heaven for blank printer paper; the all-purpose note paper!

Until tomorrow...

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