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Downhill Slide - Sam's Journal

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January 22nd, 1999

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05:15 pm - Downhill Slide
I just can't do anthing right.

It turns out that I wasn't scheduled to work today. So I was finally faced with having some time to myself where I wasn't completely wiped out already. As I left the bookstore, I bought a copy of Norton SystemWorks, something that I had been thinking about for a few days now.

Anyway, I got that and came home. Lis wasn't online, so I installed it. The LiveUpdate feature didn't want to cooperate, so I started contemplating reformatting and reinstalling Win98. A guy from across the hall came by and reminded me about a women's basketball game tonight at 7pm, and I thought it's be nice to go and get out for a bit.

Well, then Lis showed up around 4:45, and I told her about my plans. That went over like a lead balloon.

I've been working so much lately, and she said that she felt like I hadn't spent any time with her lately. Well, I guess the hour or two at night after work just doesn't cut it, especially when I'm hardly awake and completely exhausted.

I thought I would get some time for myself today since I had planned on working. But Lis doesn't want me to run off. She wants me to stay here and talk to her. I want to make her happy, so I'm going to do it. She's not very talkative right now, so I sorta wonder what the heck I'm doing wrong/supposed to be doing.

Seems NetMeeting choked on Lis, and that's why she's so quiet right now. Time for her to 'kick' NM...

Anyway... I just wanted to get out and do something different. But it seems like the heartstrings are going to keep me here. I guess there are worse places to be.

Lis is back, and she sounds none too happy. *sigh* I guess I ruined another day...

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