Sam (jevim) wrote,

Her Wish is My Command

Lis and I are chatting and playing backgammon. And she decided to bug me about writing a journal entry. So here it is, just as she's asked for.

I reformatted my computer on late Friday/early Saturday. However, I forgot to back up my Frontier directory. Frontier is the program I use to keep this web site up to date. So I've been rebuilding my Frontier database, and just finished that about 5 minutes ago. I need to do more backups of this in the future, in case I really lose a lot of information.

Lis has gone through this so many times before, I'm amazed that she's still sane.

Then again, we've batted around a few ideas about our journals in the future. From what I can tell, I think we'll both migrate towards using the same copy of Frontier and sharing a database. Heaven forbid we should ever lose that sucker....

Lis and I live with our computers now. And that's going to be the same for another 4 months or so. But after that, we're going to have a good chance to change who we are. After we're together, we won't really need the computers as much to keep up with each other.

From what Lis has been going through (check out Lis's Entry for Today to find out more), I think that chance to reinvent ourselves will be a good thing. I doubt we'll give up on computers; heck, I think Lis absolutely loves keeping her journal, and I'm growing attached to mine as well. But I doubt we'll be spending as much time on them as we do now.

I wonder what we'll do with all of our time. I doubt we'll go window shopping as much as we did when she visited me while I was co-oping. Hmmmm... the problem with reinventing yourself is you know nothing about what to do instead of what you do now. :^)

But my first step in reinventing myself is done: I have told one company that I will accept their job offer. I just have to drop the signed paperwork in the mail so they can receive it and make it official. I took the offer from the smallest company; that's not the reason I took it, but I thought it was an interesting coincidence. It was also the offer from the most rural company. It was also the best offer financially. I think I can live with my decision.

At least, I hope I can. I've already second-guessed myself a bit, but I think I can handle it. I hope I can handle it.

My brain has just hit a virtual brick wall... I think it's time to publish my first entry from this install on my computer!

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