Sam (jevim) wrote,

Multitasking Mind

With the bookstore job behind me, it's finally time to start getting "into the groove" for the semester. Last week was a terrible blur, for the most part, and the stress took its toll on me. Things have finally slowed down to a maintainable pace.

Of course, Lis is in her 'wacky moods' mode now. Which means I have to tippy-toe around her emotions. I think it's much easier to deal with it when we're together, but since we're not together we don't have much control over it.

My paperwork for my job went out into the mail yesterday, so they should get it tomorrow. I'm still debating how much of it I'll add to my journal. I sorta like being semi-anonymous here, and since I took a job from a small company it would really be hard to say much without giving myself away. :^)

Yes, my thought processes are typically this random. It makes it hard for me to concentrate on anything. I've never quite figured out how to keep my mind on one track for any significan period of time. Sometimes my chaotic thoughts are handy; I think it's one of the reasons I'm very good at programming, as my thoughts jump away and come back, much like programs.

But it makes lectures horrible. I have to concentrate on a single thing for 50 or 75 minutes. So I tend to have my mind wander or go numb on me. Not many classes protect me from this, except for computer science classes. But even there, I don't really listen to the professor, I just jump off and think about the topic we're learning.

And my thought processes really make playing games difficult. If I'm not constantly thinking about the game, I get really bored really quick. I like Civilization II, Railroad Tycoon, and SimCity (and their ilk) for the reason that so much is going on at once, I can always jump around (and sometimes I am forced to jump around) and keep my interest up.

Just don't try to play it multi-player. I end up just sitting while the other people are taking their turns, and my mind goes to wander. Which really annoys the heck out of Lis, I think. I try to keep up with the game, but there are too many dialogs in some of the games to keep up with the game unless it has the entire screen. As opposed to backgammon on FIBS, which has a little icon on the screen that can 'tell' me when it's my turn.

Anyway... I like playing games, and I really like playing games with Lis. But I always end up feeling bad, because I can't concentrate totally on the game. So she loses interest.... and it's my fault.

I'm so afraid that Lis'll take offense to this, but I have to say it: my thoughts even wander while we're snuggled up together. Not all the time, but there are definitely times where my thoughts wander. Mostly thinking about the future, or the next day.

Lis asked me to write a journal entry, but I doubt she expected anything like this. Heck, I didn't even expect this; the original title was "The Grind", but now that I know what it's really about, I'm renaming it to "Multitasking Mind".

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