Sam (jevim) wrote,

A Matter of Honor

We're having a little pool tournament for the hall I live on at school. It's really cool, as the guys across the hall have a pool table in the common room of their suite. I signed on for the tourney, which was probably dumb on my part, as I suck at pool.

My first match didn't go well. I was going pretty good... I had taken it to game three (two out of three wins) and was down to one ball left. The other guy scratched, and for some reason I forgot about the other ball and shot the 8 ball in. Of course, he was standing there, watching what I was doing, and didn't say a thing... until after the 8 ball went in, at which time he pointed at my remaining ball and starting to celebrate his 'victory.'

I screwed up, I know that. Yes, I gave him the game and the match. But I don't think there was any reason for him to celebrate. Especially since I think he should have mentioned that I had a ball left on the table. It's a matter of honor, in my opinion.

Certain things should be done with a certain amount of honor in them. Playing games is one of those, I think. I have no problem with someone royally beating me while playing a game that they're better at. I do have a problem with someone twisting the rules as they go so that they can win. Why is this related? I don't particularly care for winning a game if I must violate my honor to do it. And I feel my opponent did that. And then he celebrated it.

And now, 5 or more hours later, he still won't let it drop. He's bragging to everyone about how he let me give him the game. *sigh* Or bragging to everyone about how stupid I am, it would be hard to tell the difference.

Am I taking this too hard? Should I forgive him?

Until he apologizes and stops his tales, I'm not.

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