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February 2nd, 1999

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09:30 am - Blah
I don't know what's wrong with me right now. I just don't want to be cooped up in my room... could I have Spring Fever already? Hopefully the groundhog will decide that spring's just around the corner.

Does weather have an effect on people? I think so... the weather has definitely been unpleasant these past few days. I woke up to what I thought was snow on the ground yesterday, but it turned out to be ice. This morning, most of the ice is gone, but a thick fog cloud has settled in. *sigh* No winning...

So right now, I just want to get out and do something. Mostly, that's been heading across the hall and goofing off with people: watching TV, playing pool, playing Nintendo. But I feel bad when I do that, 'cause I know Lis wants to spend time with me. And when I run off, she can't do the same. *sigh*

Granted, she has the cats to keep her company at times. But I still feel bad about running off and leaving her online.


And when I'm in a rotten mood, I just don't feel like writing for the journal, 'cause I think my writing stinks. I'd honestly be surprised if anyone other than Lis and I ever read this thing.

Anyone mind if we just fast-forward to May?

(Touch Me)

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