Sam (jevim) wrote,

April Fools Day

April 1, 19999: Lessse.... 18,023 years old. By golly, I never thought I'd live to be this old... So much has changed. We've colonized Alpha Centauri now... and I thought the Moon was such a big step, way back in 15248. These darn optical computers are getting a bit annoying, though, since I installed Microsoft Intelligent Life 20000. They should've said on the box that it needed 16TB of memory... I've only got 14TB installed, and it complains day in and day out about the bad living conditions.

Oh well... at least Lis is happy with the new kitchen we got installed for Microsoft Christmas 19998. It's a nice model, too... can even make a decent mushroom pizza, if you know where the data file is at. Or should I say if you can remember where the data file is at.

Well... I just hope I can remember to do more of these darn journal entries, as I've been bad about it recently. I don't think it's me, though, I think it's all of this darn Microsoft software. They never did find Linus's killer, but if you ask me... I thought the timing of Microsoft Killer for Hire's release was a bit odd.

Oh, for the humor impaired:
Happy April Fool's Day!
Brought to you by Microsoft Fools 2000, which was finally released on May 25, 19995.

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