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Late Night Ramblings - Sam's Journal

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April 2nd, 1999

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12:00 pm - Late Night Ramblings
In case you haven't noticed, I've stopped linking directly to Lis's journal entries. The main reason is that she's moved her journal to a new web host, and I haven't updated the utility I use to insert the links. I don't know when they'll be back; I don't know when I'll feel like messing with it.

Right now, I'm currently working on moving my journal elsewhere, too. Actually, I know where elsewhere will be: elsewhere is on the same site as Lisana's journal. I've even started working on a new look for the site, but I won't be putting that up here.

Why? Well, Geocities has been nice, but they're really getting annoying (in my opinion) now. I've been having some problems activating the GeoGuide, which prevents the extremely annoying pop-ups, and I've had to move it to the top of the page (very intrusive). Lis found a pay-for-hosting site that's pretty darn cheap and has everything she wanted in a host. And I'll be moving with her. Eventually.

But right now... geesh... I'm only starting to figure out some of the things running through my head. I'll fill you in later...

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