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Prioritizing - Sam's Journal

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May 2nd, 1999

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12:00 pm - Prioritizing
The Car mania just doesn't stop... now I'm looking for the add-ons that I want to add-on afer I get a car. I doubt it'll ever stop. :^)

Well.... nah, I bet after I'm settled in with Lis, the car will become less important to me. But, right now, the car is very important, as it symbolizes my escape from my parents! I don't own a car yet, nor have I ever owned a car.

But then, I also have other things to deal with right now. Only three class days left in the semester, and then final exams, and then graduation. With Lis flying in after finals so we can go apartment hunting. I was planning on going apartment hunting yesterday, but when push came to shove I just didn't feel llike heading out.

Geesh... classes, finals, apartments, cars.... and I'm thinking about a CD deck for my car?????

Sounds like I need to get some of my priorities in line before my priorities bite me in the arse. Actually, I have only one project left, and that's due on Wednesday: a CS project for a stupid little test case. And it's a team project, and my partner already did all of it... I'm just redoing some of it in a different language. I feel pretty confident about it, and I have the project started.

Sometimes I worry that I don't have my priorities right.

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