Sam (jevim) wrote,

Very Bad Journalling Habits

Well... I've been bad about this lately. I haven't updated in... geesh, that long?

Not that I don't have excuses; I have plenty of those. TIME is what I really need right now. Lis and I have been getting settled in at our new apartment, organizing everything we brought with us. New car, new bed, lots and lots of new stuff. My car even has a remote control now! (Lis calls me a gadget freak and... well... yup, it's the truth.)

In my e-mail, which I haven't read in far too long, I had a very interesting surprise waiting: one of my entries has been nominated for "Best Comedic Entry" for the first quarter of 1999. Cool! Read the entry here!

Ummm... what else... ummm.... can you tell I can't make up my mind?

I guess I'm just a bit shocked about being a finalist. This journal has been fun, but I have consistently thought that only Lis would really like it. I'm a bit negative about myself most of the time, and... well... I am very very very VERY happy that someone else (apparently a couple someone elses) thinks that something about this journal was neat.

I just wish it hadn't been the Microsoft joke, 'cause I'll probably get sued now.

Hmmmm.... I hope there's prize money, I just might be able to hire a laywer. :^)

Ta-ta for now!

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