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Not the PC time for this...

This morning, we let Lis' mom know that we wanted to take her out for a Mother's Day dinner. Since Lis' mom doesn't like to eat a large dinner, we thought it would be best to do this for lunch. So, at the appointed hour, we asked her what she wanted. "Well, how about Rallys?" Well... the two Rallys in the area closed up last year. No Rallys. What else? "How about Old Country Buffet?" That's a little closer to what I had in mind, anyway, so off we go. Takes about 15-20 minutes, and there's a line. At 2PM. Wow, busy.

So we get in line. But instead of keeping up with the line, we have to stand back, because Lis' mom didn't want to be stuck in a crowd. (News to me.) So I asked if she wanted to do something else that might not be as crowded? (Old Country Buffet has you stand in line instead of taking names.) "Well, when I said Rally's earlier, I actually meant Sonic." Pardon me for not being psychic.

Okay, off to Sonic (which actually is just 10-15 minutes of backtracking). Order time. "A small chocolate shake." Anything to eat? "No, my stomach's upset." Doesn't dairy give your stomach problems? "Not these kinds of problems." (Side note: these 'kinds of problems' started last night after she downed a full pint of Godiva chocoate-raspberry ice cream. Sounds like a dairy thing to be, but, then, what do I know?) Okay... so she didn't want to eat much because her stomach's upset, but she wanted to go to a buffett? Ummmm.... wha?

Yeah, Happy Mother's Day. Your daughter is an amazing person to have lived with this for... hmmm... 28 years and not gone crazy like you.

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