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Lucky Saturday

Dee wanted to get out to Petsmart for a new litter box & some kitty toys. I wanted to go to Fry's to look for the Crusade DVD set. We even managed to get an early start!

Fry's parking lot was relatively empty when we got there, much to my relief. We found Quantum Leap Season 2, which Dee wanted, and picked up some AA batteries. But no Crusade, so we decided to check at Best Buy (since it's basically next door to Petsmart).

What we found at Best Buy surprised us, though. They had Nintendo DS systems, about 5 when I saw them. We grabbed two like the greedy little spoiled brats we are, as well as one copy each of Super Mario 64 DS and Feel the Magic XY/XX. I also managed to remember to look for & pick up Crusade instead of being completely blinded by the DS's.

When we got to the register, one cashier told us that they ended up with 20 DSs this morning, and she thought that they were the only Best Buy who got them. So, yay dumb luck! ^^

Still got to Petsmart and got a few new toys. Katie is quite a fetcher, and loves the little catnip mouse toys we already had. I also grabbed a new toy-on-a-string that we can try using when we play with Peanut and Katie.

So I think Dee & I will be playing some DS this afternoon. ^^

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