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Short Week

But I still wish it was a shorter week. Since Christmas and New Year's land on Saturdays this year, we get Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve as company holidays.

Of course, my motivation level is basically at 0 this morning. Things have not been well-managed since the firing of our Director, and efforts to bring in a replacement are dragging along. The Veep is trying to keep an eye on our group, but - by his own admission - things are falling through the cracks. Things that the Director should be taking care of.

And the other Tech Lead will be out from this Wednesday through the New Year, leaving me with 6 work-days where I'm the one-and-only person to go to for every random event that happens. My only consolation is that 6 of 30 employees are confirmed as taking PTO next week, meaning that there should be less random stuff going on. In theory. The Veep will be here, and he is generally the #1 source of random events.

Time to fill my ears with sounds and try to accomplish something...

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