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Most of the people I know at work grew up in households where parents divorced and remarried. No divorces since I was born (although my dad did have another wife before my mom), and I'm the oldest child in the family. I've always wanted to have a bit of a dysfunctional family in the multiple-parents sense (theory: more birthday presents), although there's plenty of other dysfunction in my family.

So, last night's X-Files, the guy wanted to have a Brady Bunch family. "The family everyone wishes was their own," to quote Scully (I think) from the episode. But not me. Although having an Alice in the household wouldn't be all that bad. (Making meatloaf is messy...)

I just think that my life isn't the "norm" for my generation. Which is weird, sorta.

Then there's my bisexuality. From luxnightmare's journal (this entry), I just kinda don't believe in the existence of purely straight or gay individuals. People who prefer guys or girls, sure, everyone has preferences (lots of onion on my hamburgers, thankyouverymuch), but... well... if it feels good and you're in a safe place, why not jack off your buddy (so long as they're understanding of the situation as well)? But, then, there's the "norms" of society... two men bad, two girls good.

And there's personal experience (barely dated in high school, only slightly more in college) in my life leading to my opinions. ("Oh, he's just desparate. A good pussy will set him straight." "One good dick and he'll never want a girl again." "Try Papa John's! Better than Pizza Hut!") As it stands, I have lifetime experience with two girls and no guys. ("Oh, he's just delusional, he's not really bisexual at all!")

Normal? Me? Well... everyone else seems a bit odd, too, could I actually be normal?

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