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Oooh.. the Veep wants to have lunch with the few members of the Transport & Architecture teams that are here today, at 1pm. One complaint the Veep had about the fired Director is that the Director never did any team-building things, such as organizing an all-team lunch. (The Veep even gave the Director a "budget" to spend on doing this, but it never got done.)

And then we'll have an all-company meeting at lunch tomorrow.

The paranoid freak in me wonders if there's something that the Veep wants to tell our group ahead of the all-company meeting. Of course, it's also the paranoid freak in me that makes me think everything that happens to those around me is my fault, so I really shouldn't listen to my paranoid freak. ^^

I wonder where we'll go for lunch, especially since 2/5ths of the group are vegetarians... (alas, I don't think "Korean BBQ" would go over that well... *giggle*)

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