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My company decided to change insurance carriers this year; they got… - Sam's Journal

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January 10th, 2005

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02:17 pm
My company decided to change insurance carriers this year; they got our insurance cards last week but held back on distributing them because of several spelling errors on names - including mine, of course. This morning our HR person decided to distribute them anyway, and wasted a few minutes explaining to me how these insurance companies hire temps to enter data and that the accuracy leaves much to be desire. Yeah, thanks, that was so useful to me.

As a software person, I keep getting told that our customers don't care about how we make the product work, just that the finished product works & looks pretty. Well, I don't care why or how the insurance company misspelled my name, it was correct on the form I submitted and it ticks me off.

Even more annoying was that our HR person sounded like they were defending the insurance company. C'mon, they admitted during open enrollment that the change was to reduce the company's insurance cost by reducing benefits and increasing co-pays. They even lied when I turned my forms in - I asked if they'd need a new domestic partner form for Dee, and they said no until a few weeks later when all of a sudden it was holding up the enrollment of everyone in the company. Fuck you very much.

Yeah, I guess I hate dealing with insurance companies. I also have a stupid meeting to go to at 3pm, so my mood wasn't the best to start with, either. Hopefully I'll get to rip the document being discussed to shreds, or even better watch someone else do it! *snicker*
Current Mood: pissed offticked off
Current Music: Ultra.Dance 02 - Res - They Say Vision

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Date:January 11th, 2005 05:50 pm (UTC)
Insurance by companies is getting to be a joke. if I were to use my companies benefits it wopuld eat up 40 percent of my check. No thanks.

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