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I could say it's a year early, but my 30th birthday is starting to loom on the horizon. It's been making me think about where I am in life, and what I want in my life. I've been spending a lot of time thinking about things lately, and this morning I talked with Dee some about it before I came into work. It's funny how the avalanche starts after I get the first thing out of my mouth, and I ended up leaving for work a full hour later than I normally do. I certainly don't feel guilty for being late to work, but I do feel guilty for having to cut the conversation off due to my sense of work obligation.

I still don't have an idea what the real resolution is, but I finally am starting to feel comfortable enough with what I want that I can talk to Dee about it. I really wish that I didn't have to deal with work stuff right now; that I could take all the time I wanted at this moment to talk with her about this and work things out. But, as it stands, I may even be working this weekend to try and meet our 3rd development milestone. I had even promised Dee yesterday morning (before I knew that the milestone crunch would affect me) that we could go to Needle in a Haystack this weekend. I plan on making good on that, but it might be that we have to go early in the day so I can come into work later. I would say work first, but I wouldn't want to risk getting stuck and not taking Dee at all.

Now I get to sit in a code review meeting, where we'll try and decide on a game plan for getting the remainder of the milestone done by Friday evening. Hopefully "magic pixie dust" won't be on the list of things required to achieve that goal.

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