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Some mornings I really enjoy waking up early. After sleeping until… - Sam's Journal

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January 23rd, 2005

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07:55 am
Some mornings I really enjoy waking up early. After sleeping until Noon yesterday, I'm not that surprised I woke up early this morning. The Starbucks nearby opens at 7am on the weekend, and around 7 I did head out for my "regular" Sunday morning paper & coffee. But, before I left, I decided that I'd just sit down at Starbucks for a while and sip my coffee, since Dee wasn't up yet. I left a stickie note on my iMac and headed out.

Got my coffee & paper, and sat down outside, sipping my coffee and flipping through the paper. I really looked at the area around me more than I looked at the paper. It's amazing how such built-up areas can be so quiet and still at times. It reminds me of the quiet mornings growing up in West Virginia. It was quite a peaceful setting, and the thought of having friends there to chat with, to make it a real chill morning, is excellent. Too bad I don't know that many morning people!

I came back by 7:30, and Dee was still asleep, so this will be the only way she'll know what I did. I tossed the coffee cup on my way in; unless she noticed the paper or asked about the paper, she probably wouldn't have noticed. Well, other than the fact that I've gotten dressed, which I usually don't do on Sundays until I go to get the paper & a coffee.

Yesterday was excellent too, by the way. I stayed up late on Friday night, thinking that I was going to see RHPS with some friends on Saturday night, but when I checked e-mail on Saturday afternoon I got a response that it wasn't until February 5th. Damn! Well, it's the best actually -- I crashed around 11:30pm last night. Perhaps staying up late a night early isn't the best way to approach that for me, teehee!

And then during the afternoon, I listened to a radio broadcast of a Virginia Tech men's basketball game. I checked the score on the web, it was halftime and the game was tied. I listened to the entire second half in the background, and VT managed to hold on for the win in the final 10 seconds. Oh, it was also a road win against a top-25 team, the first time VT had done that in 23 years I found out later!

So today is a VT t-shirt day. Gotta show my school spirit in wake of the amazing win!

Not sure what today will bring yet... I wouldn't mind watching the Atlanta Falcons playoff game and wish some VT alums luck, and of course there's Iron Chef America tonight -- it's still cheesy Iron Chef, but with slightly more "American" weird ingredients. Last week's (the first "regular" episode of the series) was buffalo.

Well I think I've wandered long enough...
Current Mood: lit

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Date:January 23rd, 2005 05:05 pm (UTC)
Hehe, I did wake up enough to see you getting dressed, just figured I knew what you were up to, and didn't want to wake up too much more, so I stayed quiet.

Surprisingly, Peanut didn't make much fuss when you went out the door. I think I heard her meow once or twice, but that was it. No audience, no feel-sorry-for-me routine, I guess. ;)

I was asleep again by time you came back, but saw that both pairs of shoes were in their spot when I got up to use the bathroom.

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