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Doctors, Nurses, and Needles

I am, typically, curious to understand how things work. I don't particularly care to be an expert at any single thing, but I like knowing a little bit about how lots of stuff works.

Except for needles. I don't like needles. I've heard horror stories of blood donations where they have problems hitting the vein/artery/whatever. And when I went to the emergency room, they wanted to stick an IV in my arm.

Lis held my hand, I looked away, I felt the "pinch". The nurse did a good job I believe, as everything went right on the first shot. But I was afraid to move my arm. Needles have metal points, and I assumed that a metal point was still there, and that if I moved my arm.... *shudder* I don't know what would happen.

Funny thing is, after three hours, you realize that you've been moving your arm and it hasn't been hurting. But then I realized that, and my arm started to ache. Mental ache, I am sure.

Even now, two days after it, thinking about it makes me shudder and makes my arm ache.

When I was cleared to leave and the nurse took the IV out, I watched. The IV was much more plastic than I expected, or at least looked that way. I still have a little mark on my arm where the IV is, and I am so tempted to put a band-aid on it. Not because it needs it, but because if I catch it in the corner of my eye, I get these chills (which I want to type in here as *shudder*).

I am scared of doctors because of their needles.

I know that being a blood donor is safe and a good thing to do. But, because it involves needles, I can't bring myself to do it. I also feel that I avoid doctors in general because I'm scared they may want to do a blood test, and that involves needles, too. The last time I saw a dentist for a cleaning, he said I needed to have a tooth removed. And the oral surgeon who did the extraction injected a local anesthetic and that involved a needle.

*shudder* I want the Star Trek hypo-spray. These needles are... just... not for me. Unless I've been knocked unconcious first.

So my experience with needles has me stressed.

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