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I'm Having A Crisis Of Faith... - Sam's Journal

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May 23rd, 2002

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08:26 pm - I'm Having A Crisis Of Faith...
What is the point of life? This world all seems so random, so lacking in a total reason. I find myself wanting to believe in an Afterlife, that when all is done here I will go somewhere that I can be with Lis forever, with no job, with no annoyances, just infinite time for us to be together, with no pains.

But I consider myself to be a realist (whatever that may be) and a scientist, and I can't prove that anything else exists. (Hell, I have a hard enough time proving that this world exists...) So I feel that I am having a crisis of faith. Or, maybe more accurately, I want to know that sometime, somewhere, I will be able to spend the time with Lis that I want to, without worrying about work, or having to provide food and shelter for us or our cats.

Current Mood: gloomygloomy

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