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Got to the hospital around 11:30, and stayed until a bit past 9.

We got a visit from what I took to be the head of the adult congenital heart defect group, Dr. Murphy. Dee told him who she had seen before at UCLA, and it turns out that he was trained by one of the doctors from UCLA! It's been basically 12 years since Dee's seen a doctor that knows about Eisenmenger's Syndrome - where Dee didn't have to explain a thing to him. *laughs*

But he basically gave Dee an update on what's changed in their knowledge in the past decade. He put it as: 10 years ago, he was a hospice doctor - doing what he could to ease the pain, assuming that nothing could be done to reverse it. It seems that has changed, in part due to some research underway in the pulmonary hypertension group (I hope I remembered that right) at Stanford. Recent research has shown that some damage, previously assumed uncorrectable, might actually be correctable.

Which, of course, is one of the greatest things I have ever heard.

Dr. Murphy would like to take Dee as a patient while she's here. He also suggested that Dee get set up with the head of the pulmonary hypertension group. There are some additional tests they need to start collecting, to establish a baseline and trends, to have a medical pulmonary history if the research proceeds as anticipated/hoped.

The cardiology group was OK with discharging Dee today, and when Dr. Murphy left we thought that her discharge was coming. A while later, a doctor from the pulmonary group came to talk with Dee. We talked about a new medicine they wanted to start Dee on to help with the high blood pressure they're seeing, and the pulmonary doc wanted to keep Dee overnight to observe it effects the first night.

Dee said she wanted to go home, the Doc said that they can't force her to stay, and I asked the Doc if he could give us a bit of time to talk ourselves. He of course agreed, and we discussed it. I told Dee that I was worried if there were any side-effects they needed to monitor for, that I wanted to ask him that. If there were, then we'd ask if the side-effects were minor & something that just needed to be, say, called in to a nurse, or potentially major & something that should be monitored. The things he talked about didn't seem major, but he did say that Dee would have to have a blood test a day later to check something or other.

I came to a feeling of great concern, and wanting Dee to be safe... and it suddenly felt like if she was starting this med, then she'd be safest tonight in the hospital. The doctor stated that he felt it was important for her to be observed, and was relieved I think that we agreed to let them extend her admission.

But, it does mean that Dee is coming home tomorrow. I also asked if the Doctor could see if we could get Dee out of her room, and he did get us some... couldn't leave the ward, really, but we could go out to a patient/visitor lounge that had a nice table to play backgammon and Scrabble at. :-)

We played two games of Scrabble over the day... once before the Docs came, and the one in the lounge. Oddly, I won both games. I even started off with a bingo on the first game! But Dee certainly seemed happy to be out in the lounge, playing Scrabble. It felt like a college lounge (except for the background noise) - perhaps at a massively alcoholic college, due to all the gurneys being pushed around. *laughs* (Well, it was my attempt at hospital humor...)

The Pepsi vending machine at the hospital is lucky. Two days, two Sierra Mists, two winning iTunes caps! And one of the machines had little 5.5 fl. oz. cans of OJ for 5¢ each! *laughs* So I tried two. :-P

Also picked up a Metro (local SJ freebie paper) and SF Weekly (the SF variant of the Metro). Metro had some information on the upcoming CineQuest festival in San Jose. Saw a few interesting movies in the listings, so we might go to that. They do it on individual movie admissions or as some form of festival pass that I haven't found any details on yet.

So... a bit bittersweet driving home tonight. I could have taken Dee home this afternoon, but instead I feel like I talked her into spending another night. At least I did get her out of the hospital room for a few hours... looked at a few prints on the walls, and looked out over a garden. Just the time together was nice.

So Dee will be discharged tomorrow. I want to be at the hospital by 10am tomorrow. Discharge time is 11am... aka, get out by then or they charge you for another day. *laughs* I'm not sure how much control we'll have over when the discharge actually is, but I want to be there in time for that. I'll probably shoot for 9:30.

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