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Today I had an appointment with a Family Doctor to follow up on my… - Sam's Journal

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May 28th, 2002

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07:52 pm
Today I had an appointment with a Family Doctor to follow up on my emergency room trip from Sunday a week ago.

I had to fill out a family history form, and they took my weight (but took my word on my height) and blood pressure. Then I sat down with the doctor to go over everything.

I was not left with an impressed feeling. First, does it matter if I attend church or not? The doctor asked me as he was filling out my family history. Second, it just felt that he took what I was telling him and ignored it. Not to mention that what he told me verbally contradicts the page of information he handed me. (He said to give myself two hours after eating before lying down, the printed page said three or four hours.)

Part of me wonders if my opinion of him (lots of religious items in office, religious music playing, question about church) is affecting my opinion of his medical expertise. His medical advice was basically what the E.R. doctor told me, without any plan for follow up. All I got out of the visit was a new Prilosec prescription.

I wonder how many "family practice" doctors allow their personal religious beliefs to infiltrate their office. I wonder if I should try to find a different primary care physician...
Current Mood: cynicalcynical

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