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Chillout Weekend Report

A boring weekend at home never felt so good!

Didn't do much this weekend... on Saturday, we went out for bagels (oh how we miss Panera!) and shopped around a little - Barnes & Noble, Container Store, Tower, torturing Brownies in front of Tower & then buying 3 boxes of cookies, and Whole Foods Market were our victims.

After bagels, we stopped at Barnes & Noble to kill time until 10am, so that hopefully the Container Store would be open when we got there. Picked up the March Newtype, and Dee found a book that she had heard about. We looked through basically the entire store, except for the music section! But we had killed plenty of time, so we made our way to the next stop, The Container Store.

I was looking for a new air-tight container to keep my goodies in, plus Discover was running an "extra Cashback Bonus" promotion with them, so we looked around at other stuff. Got a soda can organizer, since we always seem to destroy the "dispenser" built into 12-pack boxes, as well as a few other things that caught Dee and/or my attention - such as a cat food storage container with a stylized Anime-like cat head on the lid - kawaii desu!

From there, we headed down to Whole Foods Market, the only grocery store we really go to. (Amen for Safeway delivery!) But it's really close to Tower, so I diverted us down there to look around. I picked up the latest Ultra.Dance collection (numero seises) and a magazine. As we left, the Girl Scouts attacked on cue, and I gave them my "standard" deal - recite the oath, sell a box of cookies. Well, except that these turned out to be Brownies, so they got a little reprieve - instead of reciting from memory, they just had to follow along with their moms.

Then we got to Whole Foods, where there were more Girl Scouts, except they were stationed in front of the Starbuck's Coffee instead of the grocery store. *laughs* We picked up a bit of good stuff and headed home, with a Snapple Fruit Punch to drink. I like Snapple's Fruit Punch, but it's rare to find multi-packs of it, so I just grabbed a single from Whole Food's cold case.

Sunday was as boring. Got a KFC craving for lunch, so we went out for that and then stopped by Best Buy to splurge on some new DVD's - Kill Bill vol. 1 & 2, The Iron Giant, and Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory. We also grabbed Bambi and Clerks X, since we always seem to forget about those. Then we came home and vegged some more, until Ashante came over to visit.

We popped in Mallrats while Ashante was here - she had seen all of the Jersey Trilogy (as poorly named as the Hitchhiker's Trilogy) except for Mallrats! She laughed quite hard at the end, when the ape joined Jay & Silent Bob walking off into the distance...

So it was a nice weekend, but rather low-key. After last weekend, though, low-key is exactly what I needed.

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