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After work last night, Dee and I had made plans to go see Robots, since it just came out and has Robin Williams doing a comic relief character (Aladdin, anyone?). But while I was at work, Dee IMed me and asked if it was OK for her to charge something on one of the credit cards.

Of course I said OK, and then she complained about not being able to find where she could change the shipping option, and I think she mentioned that she could get it from a store around here, but I'd have to drive there. I said, well, it's going to ship the same time whether the order goes in between today (then being Friday) and Sunday, so we could go look and she could still order it if she couldn't find it.

She wouldn't tell me what she was looking for, other than it was something I had mentioned wanting. So, before we went to the movie, Dee asked me to run her over to Wal-Mart to look. And she found it. A new electric razor for me. My electric razor's battery hasn't been holding charge for very long, and it originally had a cleaning base which had bit the dust almost a year ago.

Dee had been looking at the razors online, and got me the "current generation" of the self-cleaning razor that I already had, because she saw some good reviews for it. But it's nice to have her jump out and do something like that. Even better is that she did remember that I had liked that model when I saw it advertised. ^_^

So we got to the theater at 7pm and got tickets for the 7:05 show. I grabbed some nachos to tide me through to dinner and, of course, a drink. The manager kept shuffling people around between registers, and at the end I just felt like asking him why he didn't, oh, just run another register temporarily to get rid of the line? *laughs* Well, I didn't think much of some of the managers I worked with at McDonald's, so why should a theater be any different? ^_^

Lotsa neat previews... Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Herbie: Fully Loaded (which looks like a riot - go check out the trailer - "The car just winked at me!"), and Episode III come immediately to mind.

The movie was humorous, formulaic, and definitely enjoyable. We had dinner at Coconut Grove, a "Malaysian cuisine" restaurant - which seems more like bits and pieces of a lot of different cuisines, but then I don't know what Malaysian cuisine really is, LOL! Well, I remember what I had the last time we went so I ordered it again, and then realized that I didn't like it before and I still didn't like it now - the sauce just had an odd flavor to my tastebuds, but I did pull some stuff out of it and nibbled on some of Dee's too.

We poked our heads in The Putting Edge to oooh and ahhhh at all the glowy and blinky stuff, and we found a neat little base for one of our blacklight bulbs - and it was on sale! They had a lot of glowstick colors - red, blue, green, and yellow I definitely remember - so I'll have to remember them for the future. ^_^

Afterwards, we considered just going for a drive to Santa Cruz. We were making a detour for drinks, and after I was in the car for a few minutes my wide awake, alert self was slinking to a sleepy self, so we cancelled those plans to come home and chill out. We sat down with our laptops and played games at Pogo together instead. *laughs*

Today I have to get my car smog-checked, and we need to run to Home Depot to get something to fix our closet rod - since the last time maintenance did it, one of the mounts ended up breaking again. *sigh*

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