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The Much-Delayed Weekend Post

To follow up our Friday night, Dee and I got an early start on Saturday. Two keys things had to get done: my car needed a smog test, and we needed to get a new closet rod bracket at Home Depot. We also looked around Tower, got some groceries at Whole Foods, went for lunch at Su's Mongolian BBQ, stopped at a random comic shop, CompUSA, and Fry's. Then we came home, had a short break, and then met up with Ashante to go up to Needle in a Haystack and a quick stop in Oakland. Then we got it in our heads to roam over to Santa Cruz for dinner at the Saturn Cafe. We took the long way, going across to Half Moon Bay and then down PCH. It probably would have been a much more scenic drive if we had started earlier in the day - it got dark early on in the drive.

We had dinner in Santa Cruz, took Ashante home, and then came home and collapsed. All told, Dee and I logged over 250 miles on Saturday! It was a nice day, and a definite change from our "normal" weekend pattern. But then we spent all of Sunday at home recovering! In all, a very nice weekend. I'm sure I could write a lot more, but I'm at work! *snicker*

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