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A Weekend Away

Headed out Saturday morning to Orangevale to visit friends. Our plans included a stopover about halfway between, at the Solano Mall - the location of the only Chik-fil-A I know of in the area here, one hour away. The mall has a Best Buy in it, and my brief recollection of our previous visit reminded me it was on the correct end of the mall. We parked in front of Best Buy and were going to go through it to get into the mall.

They had a table of PSP stuff right inside the door, with one person standing watch over the table. I looked around, and wondered why they had someone watching over a table with nothing really pricey on it. And then I noticed he was holding something, so I decided to ask. Yes, he was holding tickets to pick up PSPs. I had thought they would be sold out, so I happily got one. I cave in so easily!

Dee and I looked through the games, and picked up copies of Lumines and Wipeout Pure. Teh 4\/\/350/\/\3. *snicker*

I ran the booty out to the car, and then we actually did go and have Chik-fil-A for lunch. Dee was still feeling pretty mobile, so we looked around Spencers, Hot Topic, and Suncoast before we left with our purchases.

We finished heading over to Dee's friend's house, where I sorta got myself into the position of selecting, transporting, cooking, and carving a standing rib roast in a kitchen I'd never cooked in before. It was fun, it was an adventure, and it turned out perfect!

Hung around until about 5 today, the rain starting just as we pulled out. Traffic on I-80 was terrible, and what should've taken an hour took two hours instead. The final hour home wasn't so bad. But still unwinding. I expect I'll sleep well tonight.

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