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So Adobe is buying Macromedia. This makes me sad, as I fear that Freehand might not survive this purchase by Adobe.

In 1993, I was a senior in high school, and my English teacher was Ms. Ashby. Ms. Ashby was also taught the yearbook "class" at the high school - which I would have taken, if it didn't conflict with band. However, Ms. Ashby also had purchased a computer for the yearbook team this year, but had some problems with it and asked a few other teachers for help. My name was quickly mentioned, and of course I did help out a bit.

In the course of this, Ms. Ashby found out that I had done yearbook before - in 8th grade. It fit into my schedule that year, and I had fun doing it. I would've done yearbook in 9th grade as well, except that they moved the yearbook period over the summer and... it became a conflict with band. I kept band - significantly aggravating the yearbook teacher, who had taken another girl and I to a week long "yearbook camp" that we had two free "scholarships" to as part of our yearbook publishing deal.

Anyway... so Ms. Ashby talked with me about helping out with yearbook, even though I wasn't in yearbook class. I ended up creating several page layouts for the yearbook using Aldus Freehand... which I had to learn just for this purpose! The key layout was one that Ms. Ashby had come up with for the inside cover: triple-line (red/blue/blue) paper with the ABC's witting on it in a child-writing font she had found. It was submitted to the printer as camera-ready art, output from a 300dpi laser printer. It was fun, and it was a lot of the reason I would go on to work (for a short period, at least) at a student paper in college.

Freehand, though, was a pretty decent program - even if it was running on a Windows 3.1 computer after being designed for the Mac. It was the first vector drawing program I ever used, and I loved how I could even "mock up" a page to show people how written page layout instructions would look in production.

Aldus was bought by Adobe back in the mid-90's, but Freehand survived. I guess there was an anti-trust inquiry done on the purchase, and Freehand was sold to another company, which was then purchased by Macromedia. It's done well under Macromedia's watch, but Shockwave and Flash are much more what people think about when they talk about them. So part of me wonders... is Adobe finally managing to kill their competition from the 90's? Will Freehand survive? Does anyone even care anymore...

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