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Update On The Road

The flight on Friday went smoothly, but it didn't depart on time. Our flight, at 7:10 p.m., was the last one of the day from San Jose to Seattle, and they announced that there were some passengers coming in on connecting flights which were delayed, so they held our flight so they could make it.

Even with the ~20 minute delay we arrived in Seattle on time. I guess the schedule for this flight had a bit of padding on it! I was a bit surprised, though, to find the airport in Seattle had practically closed down already when we pulled in. There were 14 gates in the wing we arrived in, and only 2 of those gates were still in operation, and one of those was due to a delayed flight. I guess Seattle isn't as busy of an airport as, say, LAX!

Our luggage was already on the carousel when we got to baggage claim, and then we picked up our rental car. I took them up on a Sirius radio in the rental for a few dollars a day, and so we've got a Ford Escape. It definitely feels a lot bigger on the inside than it looks from the outside. I think I'd like to have one of them, if it wasn't for terrible SUV-type fuel efficiency.

Friday evening we just grabbed dinner & collapsed in the room. Saturday morning we had breakfast & went to visit Dee's grandmother, and her mother came by during the day. We sat around and talked for a while, and did some maintenance work on her grandmother's computer. As the afternoon wore on, I got a little tired of just sitting so I offered to play taxi for her mother or grandmother, and her mother took us up on it. (Neither of them has a car, so I thought the opportunity might be nice for them.)

After we finished running around with her mother, we went back to her grandmother's apartment and picked her up, and we then went out to dinner at a Mexican restaurant her grandmother likes. Dee's mother smokes, and she had a cigarette to finish so we went into the restaurant & got seated while she finished smoking. After a while (much longer than I thought it took to finish a cigarette) we were wondering where Dee's mother was, so I went out and looked for her. She wasn't outside of the restaurant or visible on the sidewalk.

Fortunately, I remember the antique store we passed on the corner by the restaurant, and went to look in, and sure enough I saw Dee's mother at the register. I returned to the restaurant, fuming. I hate it when people wander off when people are waiting on them, especially when she told us she was just going to finish the cigarette and come in. I put it aside to keep dinner from turning into a shouting match, but basically I wish I hadn't bent over backwards to play chauffeur for her earlier in the day now. I guess it shouldn't matter, really, but it ticks me off - what can I say, I guess it's just one of my buttons.

After dinner we took Dee's mother home, and then went in to visit with her grandmother a bit longer. We left from her grandmother's around 7 p.m., and we stopped at Fry's on the way back to the hotel. We grabbed a set of iPod In-Ear Headphones for me (since I've grown to like Dee's pair) and a headphone splitter (so we can listen to the same music together on the plane, or maybe even a movie). We also picked up some new games.

I was a bit surprised that Fry's had a copy of Puzzle Bobble Pocket, which is the Japanese name of "Bust-A-Move", for PSP! I thought I remembered that PSP games aren't region-locked, and a salesperson in the game department who was pointing out PSP stuff to another customer confirmed that my recollection was right. I got it, and sure enough it does play! So I now have Bust-A-Move on my PSP, but I should brush up on my Japanese. At least I can tell the difference between "Yes" (Hai!) and "No" (Iie!), even when written in hiragana.

We looked around to find some drinks, and ended up stopping at a gas station convenience store on the way back, but then we just settled in and played some games. I'm not sure when we'll call Dee's grandmother this morning, but I doubt it'll be that late. Dee's still asleep, but I woke up about a half hour ago I guess. Today we'll just be seeing her grandmother, which suits me just fine. I think we're going to try & go up to a fancy spice store in Seattle, which we mentioned to her grandmother yesterday. I can only take so much sitting around and "visiting" with family, so getting out to walk around a few places will be nice.

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