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I want someone to tell me why the intersection at Montague & First St. can be perfectly fine some days and a backed-up mess on others. It took me 10 minutes to cover about half a mile leading up to the light today. Aggravating.

And as if I wasn't already descending into a driving mood from hell already, I had the pleasure of being honked at as I parked at McD's this morning. There were cars on both sides of the open space - one of those cars was a BMW (or similar) with a lady sitting in it. I pulled into the spot, and I probably got within 3 inches of her car as I turned. Of course, I feel very comfortable driving my car and I was going slow, and after I was done I was parked pretty evenly between the two cars. But when I was a few inches from her car she had to honk at me. (Not being in a good mood, I flipped her off as I walked into McD's.)

And now I'm at work, and hoping that the day gets better.

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