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Echos of the Past - Sam's Journal

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June 4th, 2005

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11:48 pm - Echos of the Past
So, what does it mean when you listen to a new "dance mix" CD at Tower, and your first reaction to the song is, "Hey, I've heard this before!"

The CD was "bigtunes 2: living for the weekend", on the Ministry of Sound label. I've enjoyed MoS-stuff before, so I picked up the headphones and listened, and the first track hit me. I remembered it clearly from the late 80's. Growing up, I didn't openly admit to much of the music I enjoyed - the music I liked was, in a way, a secret from my family.

There were only two songs that I ever got on cassette - Starship's "We Built This City," and Wang Chung's "Everybody Wang Chung Tonight." But I wonder... if I can remember a random song on an unexpected cover, that says that song stuck in my memory for some reason.

"Star To Fall" on the CD was originally performed by Boy Meets Girl as "Waiting for a Star to Fall" on an album released in 1988. iTunes Music Store doesn't carry this disc, unfortunately. I managed to find a 30-second "sample" and hear a bit of the original recording.

I think I've had guilty pleasure pop songs for longer than I generally remember. This from the guy who didn't have a CD of his own until 1994, freshman year at college. Before that, I had only ever bought 2 cassette tapes. My music collection didn't really start until college, so I'm missing the songs from high school and my youth.

Thank heavens "canned nostalgia" describes a lot of the RIAA-junk out there! *laughs*
Current Mood: lit
Current Music: Strings of Life-Soul Central Feat. Kathy Brown-Big Tunes 2 (Disc 1)

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