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And on another note... - Sam's Journal

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June 4th, 2005

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11:52 pm - And on another note...
As we were leaving Tower, I stopped to look at a "Free Concerts in the Park" flyer. "I don't recognize anyone on here," I told Dee as I put the flyer back down. "Well, other than some white space."

"And A's. and B's," Dee said. "And L's. And T's," she continued.

As we got to the car I asked, "What were those letters again Babe?"

"A. B. L. TEEEE!" And we both laughed.

"So should we get stuff for BLT's at Whole Foods?"


Well, I slacked in writing it down. It was something like that, though. Hopefully Dee will help me remember later!
Current Mood: lit
Current Music: Strings of Life-Soul Central Feat. Kathy Brown-Big Tunes 2 (Disc 1)

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Date:June 5th, 2005 04:56 pm (UTC)
You got it, babe. There was a bit of a long pause between the A, B and L, T, because I was originally going to say Cs and Ds, but felt it was too much of a boring pattern. I didn't realize at all the significance of the letters I'd chosen, L and T, until you pointed it out to me a few moments later.

That's what made it so truly funny to me... In my mind, I switched from the expected C and D to letters from the final game in "Wheel of Fortune" ... r, s, T, L, n, e. "A BLT" never dawned on me, even though I had been thinking earlier of getting more bacon and stuff because I knew we were going to Whole Foods.

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