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Vacations Go Too Fast - Sam's Journal

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June 17th, 2005

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10:02 pm - Vacations Go Too Fast
To finish it off...

Wednesday: Chilled out at the rental house. Walked the boardwalk again & bought salt water taffy to give to my co-workers.

Thursday: Woke up waaaay too early, pedaled a "surrey" up & down the boardwalk, drove to Atlantic City and came home $15 richer (lucky slots!), came back from A.C. earlier than desired due to acid reflux. :-(

Friday: Visited my mom's cousin (Ruth) at her "campground" - which has a swimming pool, mini-water park, and lots of other neat stuff - along with the rest of my extended family. Drove to Philly & spending the night before our 8:45 AM flight tomorrow morning.

It's my first broadband connection in about a week. Dee and I used Google to find a place for dinner - Pat's Pizza - which was a ton of great food for a reasonable price, and not too hard to find. Not really looking forward to the 5:30 AM alarm clock for the morning, but at least we'll be back at home at a reasonable hour.
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