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Stupid f&#*ing Airborne Express.

Okay, on Tuesday I decided to order some parts to upgrade my desktop computer from Outpost.Com. I opted for Overnight shipping, because my past history with Outpost orders was that they ship the same day if everything is marked as In Stock, and everything was. But, yesterday, no delivery.

Or so I thought. I called Outpost and they game me delivery confirmation at 10:46AM by J. Underwood. Wha? Sounds like one of the people who works in my apartment complex's office.

So... Lis was home all day. Heck, the apartment complex's maintenance staff came by at 1PM to install a new dishwasher (the old one's exit pump crapped out on us). So, the Airborne Express guy didn't even try delivering it, I must assume. Heck, there was not even a note that delivery was attempted on our door.

So, now it's Thursday and my parts for my upgrade are sitting in the office of my apartment complex, and they aren't open at all today. Bloody f&#*ing hell.

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