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Visited States... - Sam's Journal

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June 30th, 2005

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06:59 am - Visited States...

create your own visited states map
or check out these Google Hacks.

Alabama: Visited cousin in Mobile.
Arizona: Attended football game in Phoenix.
Arkansas: Travelled through while moving.
California: Current residence.
Colorado: Spent 1 week on business in Colorado Springs.
DC: Visited as tourist destination.
Delaware: Visited as tourist destination (no sales tax, woohoo!).
Florida: Visited Orlando.
Georgia: Visited Atlanta.
Illinois: Flight connection at Chicago O'Hare.
Kentucky: Visited as shopping destination.
Louisiana: Visited New Orleans.
Maryland: Former residence.
Massachusetts: Job interview in Boston.
Michigan: Flight connection at Detroit.
Minnesota: Visited friends in Minneapolis.
Mississippi: Traveled through on vacation.
Missouri: Visited friends in Jefferson City.
Nevada: Visited Vegas.
New Jersey: Visited Ocean City.
New Mexico: Travelled through while moving.
New York: Visited Niagara Falls.
North Carolina: Visited as shopping destination.
Ohio: Visited Canton.
Oklahoma: Spent 2 days on business in Tulsa.
Pennsylvania: Place of birth.
South Carolina: Traveled through on vacation.
Tennessee: Visited Gatlinburg.
Texas: Spent 2 days on business in Dallas.
Virginia: Former residence.
Washington: Visited girlfriend's mom in Seattle.
West Virginia: Former residence.
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