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Sometime in the last 3 hours, the bank finally got their act together and put the missing $600 back in the account. Of course, they list it as a "miscellaneous credit" and still list the check as the wrong amount. I don't particularly care for showing it that way, but as long as the balance is right I guess it's not worth worrying about.

To me, a bank is all about trust. There are things that can go wrong that aren't the bank's fault - for instance, if someone steals/guesses your check card number and uses it fraudulently. But, then, there are things that I think are the bank's fault, such as processing a check for the wrong amount. Once a bank violates that trust (aka "screws up"), I don't know that I want to trust them with my finances any longer. I've had a checking account somewhere for 11 years now, and this is the first time that I've had an issue like this.

When I called back this morning, I just wanted them to tell me when the error would be fixed. I figured such a date would be perhaps two to three weeks into the future. The CSA couldn't give me a date at all, meaning that a problem such as this - completely the bank's fault - would hold up my money potentially indefinitely. It's also an interest-bearing account, so I did lose a few days of interest on that $600 as well. The credit didn't adjust for that, so I've lost a few pennies on this event right now.

Is moving to a new bank for my checking needs over-reacting?
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