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I'm Most Productive When I Get Nothing Done

Some days I feel like I'm most productive when I'm simply directing the efforts of others. Like today, which is amazingly the reason why I'm writing about it in the first place. Sure, I can get a lot of stuff done working by myself, but it always feels like I get more accomplished when I spend less time on my code and more time on pointing others in the right direction.

Of course, my individual productivity might be higher if I could get my Director to send the equipment request I placed last Thursday up to the VP of Engineering. Right now we have a test set up that's kinda good for two people working on two separate problems, except that some of the equipment has to be "shared" between them. That sharing is keeping me from running tests on the setup right now, and is keeping a second person off of the equipment as well. Two setups and only one person using it.

Thinking back, though, I realize that I should have jumped my Director's head when I sent the initial request - it would have helped get attention for the proposal and would have prevented the Director from stonewalling it. Part of me wonders what the Director might have told the VP which the request for additional equipment would contradict.
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