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I like my sped-up computer. Okay, so I've got a bit of a RAM crunch (new motherboard can't use the type of memory I had lots of), but not too bad. But... I've been looking around and finding lots of new softwares that are just kicking much ass. Most significantly, a Cygwin port of XFree86, so I can now do X-windows stuff from my Windows box.

Of course, there's also the updated Semagic client. Don't know what's different, but it's a new version. :-)

Oh yeah, and Audacity. GPL'ed audio editor with a Windows version.

Why am I not running Linux on my desktop? Because I dislike/hate dual-booting, and the games I want to play are on Windows. That's why I have the separate Linux "server" that I can do my Linux playing on.

Geek on!

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