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Freebies Ahoy!

Last week I received an e-mail from Palm, asking if I would participate in a "consumer experience session" on the LifeDrive. I had ordered one direct from Palm two months ago, because I couldn't find them in the area. I missed my WiFi Clie, which turned out to be a model with a pretty notable history of losing the screws which were holding the case together. Pretty hard to use a PDA in two parts. :^)

I know I left the "contact me with Palm information" option set when I ordered it, and probably did so again when I registered it, so I guess that's how they found me. And since I'm close to their offices, it certainly makes it easier to invite me in for their session.

I'm not sure how much I can talk about afterward, as they have told me that I'll need to sign an NDA, but what I can talk about is the free Tungsten E2 that I'll get for my two hours - and that will be Dee's new PDA toy.

At least it's definitely something new for me to do.
Tags: fun

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