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What a way to start the day... - Sam's Journal

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August 25th, 2005

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10:01 am - What a way to start the day...
Some of you already know, since Dee posted on her journal already, but I found a window broken on my car this morning. I had parked on the "lower" level of the parking garage last night, where I had read report of this type of vandalism/break-in when we first moved here. A little over a year is all it took.

What puzzles me is that they broke one of the smallest pieces of glass on my car. The windshields are fine, as are the windows in either door. It's the glass in the little driver's-side half-door that was broken into, and what appears to be a car antenna was left inside.

What strikes me is that this is also the window where I kept my "alumni association" decal. I wonder if they could be related?

Waiting at home for a call back from the insurance company. I expect it'll all be out-of-pocket expenses, but I called the insurance company more to be sure that I was doing "the right thing" than out of any expectation that they'd cover this. (At least, I don't think auto glass is that expensive - I keep a $1,000 deductible on my insurance.)

When I go back out, I'll try to take some pictures. If I wasn't waiting for the call (due in the next hour) I'd go right now. As it is, at least I can work from home now so I don't have much time that'll need to be made up when I do go in.

What a way to start the day...
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