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As If It Wasn't Piled High Enough Already - Sam's Journal

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August 25th, 2005

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04:04 pm - As If It Wasn't Piled High Enough Already
A candidate was in for an interview, but I missed my time slot because of waiting around for the insurance co. to call back & getting everything else taken care of for tomorrow's repair. The Director had me join him for a later interview slot at 12:15.

Partway through, our "Mistress of All" multi-tasking queen came and told me that I needed to move my car. As we walked out front, she commented that it appeared I had hit a sprinkler head when I pulled in this morning. This was very odd to me, because while I often do "bump" the curb when I park, I knew I hadn't this morning.

When I arrived at my car, it seemed very obvious though: streaming water coming from the front, making it look like I had parked in a river. I moved my car to dry space and then looked at the source of the water - it didn't appear to be anything "broken"; rather, it looked like a drain pipe.

I returned to my interview, and the Mistress of All called the landlord about it. Turns out the City was doing a "sprinkler test" which results in water flowing out that particular pipe. On the upside, if anything goes wrong with my car in the near future which could be traced to "immersion in water", then I'll get reimbursed for it by the landlord.

It appears, though, that they looked at my car before doing that. The Mistress of All noted that they said the window wasn't their problem.

Of course, a short while after that, then the Director joked, "So has a tree fallen on your car yet?" No, not yet. *checks* I'd move it out into the middle of the lot, but then I'd have the risk of, oh I don't know, having a satellite fall and obliterate it.
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Date:August 25th, 2005 11:19 pm (UTC)

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