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Repair? On what world?

When the insurance company adjuster called yesterday, they asked me if I'd like the name of an auto glass company that Progressive works with, so I took their information and called Safelite Auto Glass to arrange to have the busted glass replaced. They had an in-facility appointment as early as 8am this morning, or on-site appointments starting on Monday. Wanting this entire mess over with, I took this morning's appointment.

As suggested, I arrived early - 15 minutes early, to be precise - and found that they didn't open until 8. Someone did get there a few minutes ahead, so I did talk with them a bit before 8. Of course it wasn't good news. They didn't have the glass piece they needed to fix my car right then, but it's on the way from a different location in Hayward and should be here by 11 this morning.

Okay, so then what? They took my car back and did all the clean-up work of getting the old, busted glass removed, and then put it partially back together to make the car drivable. I now have a plastic sheet where glass once was, and they will supposedly come by on-site this afternoon and install the glass. They gave me the impression that disassembly & clean-up were the longest part of the task, and that it should be relatively quick to just stop by, install glass, and re-assemble. *crosses fingers*

On the upside, they didn't even ask for my credit card or anything when they did the first half of the work. But I did hear a guy in the office talking with someone about having a bad day yesterday with 4 rejected credit cards, when they average maybe 1 per week. Perhaps they didn't want to risk another bad credit card yet? *chuckles*

The disassembly was done around 8:30, allowing me to stop for some breakfast and still get to work "on time." Not that I've done much work yet, but I did get more pictures of the car. I wonder if they had any tape colors other than orange. ^_^

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