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When life gets too boring, something always seems to come up. The LA trip is turning into a logistical nightmare, fortunately it's still a well-under-control nightmare. Well, at least the last time I checked.

While clipping Peanut's claws this morning, Dee found that Peanut had cut herself near one of her claws. Dee mentioned that she had seen some blood on the bathroom counter a few days back, so we don't think this was a brand-new injury. It was, however, enough to throw a monkeywrench into the kitty boarding plans.

We got Peanut in to the vet before 9am, and got the same vet who saw Munchie. I wasn't really thrilled with that, but was much relieved after the vet came in and just told us what the treatment was. *phew* They're going to sedate Peanut to suture the cut, so we asked them to do some dental work which was recommended during Peanut's last check-up as well. The vet said that will be easier on Peanut, since they can do both with one sedation.

So now Peanut's staying at the vet's until Tuesday, and Katie will still go to the cat boarding place we've used before. Work seems to be panicking again, but I will get out sometime around lunch (maybe 1pm), and I will be leaving around 6pm today. *crosses fingers though*

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