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The movers finished up around 5pm. There are TONS of boxes inhabiting the apartment, so we decided to head out for dinner and a few other errands. Yesterday we found a keychain garage remote at Sears that I was able to set to control our garage, so we went to get a second for Dee's key chain - from the outside, the remote is the only way to open/close the garage. We also went by Target for a bathtub stopper, but ended up having to run to Lowe's to actually find it. However, I did notice & remembered to get some new clothes hangars while in Target - we haven't been able to wash & hang all our clothes at once for a while, plus at least one plastic hangar broke in the move.

We had been thinking about going to see The Corpse Bride, but Dee was feeling tired and I didn't want to hassle with the long walks and seat finding when she was already wearing down. In the end, we got back home and opened just enough boxes to get the bed made for tonight. At least we have our real bed again! Still no DSL signal on the phone line, but hopefully that will be set up on Monday. (Can you tell we're net addicts?)
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