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First Day Jitters?

My alarm was set for 7am, but I've been awake on and off since 6. I decided a bit ago just to get up. Part of me doesn't know what to expect from the new job, but then part of me also expects that I'm going to be viewed as a "miracle worker," not necessarily because I am but because that's what they need. Well I guess I'll find out later, huh?

I closed out a few of my old IM accounts that I used "at work" with Z-force/Attune. I'm not quite sure which messengers I'll set up at the new job - part of me is hoping that they've picked a "standard messenger" for IMing in the company. If they haven't, I might ask if we can do it.

The handle of my old "work bag" has been falling apart for some time. I'm not planning on taking it with me today, but the main reason is that we didn't find the box with it yet. It wasn't a priority for me to find the box because of the handle issue. I expect that I'll pick up a new bag at some point.

I guess I should just finish shaving and get ready, get a good breakfast, and go to work. Hopefully I'll have lots to write about this evening, on a nice DSL connection. *crosses fingers*

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