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First Day - Sam's Journal

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September 26th, 2005

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10:23 pm - First Day
First day has come and gone, and I'm not really surprised that much with how things are going. I've jumped from one mad dash to a release by the end of the year to another dash (which isn't quite as mad yet) to a release by the end of November. That was the schedule before they hired me on, so my efforts would only make this easier. The problem is that there is no Windows kernel work to do in the near-term. Instead, I get to write some user-mode Windows stuff that I've never done before - joy - and the target is for Friday next. Oh, and this is a new from-scratch utility. Life will be interesting. ^_^

The "coffee machine" in the breakroom brews individual cups to order, with a bunch of different "cups" of different coffees to brew - including one decaf that I found. Plus some tea options, which is sorta neat. It seems like an interesting enough place. One coworker - nicknames to come later - commutes from Pasadena each day, but shifts his day a few hours 'earlier' (7am-4pm) than the rest of the team. This reminds me of my job in Virginia, where Kevin drove an hour each way to/from work daily, and shifted his day to 6am-3pm (vs nominal 8am-5pm at the location) to "miss out on traffic".

And the new coworker reminds me of another guy from Virginia, Bill P., who was an excellent designer who wasn't a trained computer scientist. He was a physics Ph.D. who picked up programming to do experiments. Co-worker isn't formally trained - didn't ask any more specifics - but how we discussed system architecture, plus that he started in hardware and moved to software, like Bill P. and, to a lesser extent, myself. I think it will be very interesting working with him.

In a way, the last year at Attune was the oddity in my career, as I became the "most senior" person that others were turning to. Before that, I was always turning to others and learning amazing amounts of stuff from them. I was still learning as the lead, but not nearly as much. It will be interesting to "return to my roots" after the brief stint as a "leader". I'm sure I'll have the chance again soon enough.
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