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Aggravation - Sam's Journal

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September 28th, 2005

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03:17 pm - Aggravation
I had two errands to run during "lunch" today: go to Cox and get cable TV boxes, and go to a UPS Store to send my last check from Attune to my bank for deposit.

I actually went to the UPS Store first, since it was between work & Cox. The location I visited, however, insisted that they don't do QuickPost deliveries. (QuickPost is a system where I drop my payment envelope off at the UPS Store (no charge) and it is then sent in a daily batch to NetBank for processing.) Nor would they tell me of another UPS Store location that did QuickPost. They were quite willing, however, to let me pay to send my deposit next-day air.

Realizing that no one there would help I left, and cursed in the car. I debated skipping Cox, not wanting another customer service mess, but decided to go for it. The people at Cox were much more helpful, I must admit, and I have a Cox DVR box and a "standard" digital cable box in the car now. The standard box will be slaved to our existing TiVo, and the DVR will go in the living room on a trial basis.

Cox did make me worry a bit when they said my address was an "IAC" account. IAC is the abbreviated version of the apartment company's name. Part of me is worried that they just checked out two received to IAC, and then tomorrow the account will be updated with my name, IAC will be charged for two unreturned receivers, and that somehow it'll all flow back downhill into my lap. *sigh*

And of course, my lunch hour already used, I'm not going to have a chance to try a different UPS Store on the way home - they all seem to close at 6pm. Part of me feels like calling NetBank tonight and bitching to them for doing away with the "business reply mail" envelope system - I've never had the post office refuse to take those. I guess it's a good think that the deposit of the check isn't critical right now - but it will be soon enough.
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