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Managed to find a UPS store on the way to work today (well, slightly… - Sam's Journal

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September 29th, 2005

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01:55 pm
Managed to find a UPS store on the way to work today (well, slightly out of the way) that does QuickPost, so my final Attune paycheck is on the way to be deposited. Of course, it seems there's an issue of balance in my life lately, so Speakeasy just called and told me that the "firm order" date just slipped to Tuesday. So much for it being a "firm" date, huh? Of course Speakeasy (and Covad, the company that does the wiring) is pointing the finger at SBC. Bleh.

Oh, and I have been asked if I'm "available" this weekend. As much as the code I'm working on isn't due yet, they think they'll need "more help" to get things wrapped up in other code this weekend. I pointed out that if there's a risk, shouldn't I be working to help out NOW instead of waiting for Saturday? In the end, they told me to keep working on what I'm working on and they'll let me know tomorrow what the weekends plans are.
Current Mood: annoyedannoyed

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